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Children's summer camp at the Russian Educational Center of Minnesota is going on its fifth season.
Our main goal is to immerse the children in a Russian-language atmosphere filled with interesting entertainment and exciting trips.

How do we have fun?

First of all, we teach children Russian in a playful way: we solve puzzles, crossword puzzles, conduct debates on topics of interest to children, conduct theater classes and mini-game "What? Where? When ? ". We watch films and conduct relay races and competitions, which include a whole set of step-by-step puzzle-solving tasks, as well as orientation on the terrain. Also, children are offered cooking classes, crafting, t-shirt coloring, role-playing games, active ball games in the park and much more.

Where do we go?
Although our base is located on the premises of the Russian Center, most of the time we spend in nature, in city parks and in the pool. At least two days a week we make trips for the whole day to city parks such as MN Landscape Arboretum, Como Zoo, Minnehaha Falls Park, MN Zoo, etc. Another day a week we go to the water park. Also during the week we go on excursions, to the pool, to the cinema and other places of rest.

What are some pleasant moments?
First, immersion in the Russian-speaking environment. Educators talk with children only in Russian, plus all classes are also conducted only in Russian.
Secondly, an excellent level of physical activity. We move around a lot, play and swim.
Third, our camp is unique with a wide age range, since we accept children 6 and older. This is not just a camp, but a large family in which the elders help and spend a lot of time with the younger ones, where the younger ones happily reach out to the elders, where some minor quarrels are resolved (in which family does this not exist) and where everyone participates in joint events, celebrates birthdays and rejoices in success.

And the biggest reward for us is the good reviews of children and the happiness in with which they come to the camp every day.

In 2018, given the many children's and parental requests, we first conducted a field camp, which was a great success. In 2019, we are planning 2 field shifts. More information can be found on the
camp site.

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