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Children’s theater studio “Ognivo” (“Flint”) was founded within Russian Educational Center of Minnesota. The studio repertoire includes plays “Wizard of Oz”, “Mowgli”, “Tsvetik-Semicvetik”, “Twelve Months”, “Puss in Boots”, “Captain Vrungel”, “Kingdom of the Crooked Mirrors”, “Mystery of the Third Planet”, “Flying Ship” and others.
The most valuable aspect for us is that kids immerse themselves into each play with creativity, involvement and readiness to try, experiment and work as one team. Performing in theater teaches kids to communicate with the audience and with partners on stage, to relate emotions and ideas, and of course gives them great pleasure.
All actors are kids from 6 to 15 years old, and each play includes all the ages together. The studio produces 2 plays per year – a winter one and a summer one. For the repertoire, we choose fairy tales, cartoons, movies that connect generations of parents and children; and the acting challenge is to memorize the complex, unabridged text of the scenarios.
The adults involved in the studio – Lilia Lourie the director, and a group of parents and friends who love theater and aspire to ignite this love into the kids. Volunteer assistants make stage decorations, sew costumes, ensure strict order in during rehearsals and performances, and cheer and encourage the actors.

In June 2017 the studio participated in the Seventh International Festival of Russian-Speaking Children’s and Youth Theaters in Washington DC. We presented the play “An Old, Old Fairytale” based on tales of G.C. Andersen and were awarded a prize and diplomas in two nominations: “Most Imaginative Creative Decision” and “Best Debut of the Festival 2017”.

Studio “Ognivo” – Repertoire:

2017 «An Old, Old Fairytale»
2017 «Flying Ship»
2016 «Mystery of the Third Planet»
2016 «Mystery of the Snow Queen»
2015 «Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors»
2015 «Adventure in Fairyland»
2014 «Captain Vrungel»
2014 «Puss in Boots»
2013 «Little Red Cap»
2013 «Twelve Months»
2012 «Tsvetik-Semicvetik»
2012 «Mowgli»
2011 «The Wizard of Oz»
2011 «In Search of Doctor Aybolit»
2010 «Plasticine Crow»
2010 «The Snow Queen»
2009 «Buratino»
2008 «Doctor Aybolit»

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